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2022-12-22 (Andreas Linde)

The open source software evcc version 0.110.0 integrated the enbility SDKs to support EEBUS compatible wallboxes.

evcc allows to charge EVs using solar surplus energy by leveraging existing products, which do not provide this feature out of the box. A multitude of different meters and solar devices and wallboxes are supported. The software needs to be installed locally and is compatbile with many low cost or often already available operating system and devices.

By using the enbility SDKs, evcc can now access virtually any EEBUS compatible wallbox without the need of implementing additional wallbox specific communication code. The integration was tested with the Elli Charger Connect and Pro and the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect.

I am using evcc since about two years myself and have been actively working on the evcc project. Until now the project was using its own EEBUS implementation which I co-authored. As that implementation was more of an technology demo and exploration project, switching to the enbility SDKs now provides a more mature solution.