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Libraries providing EEBUS protocol support


EEBUS protocol implementation in Go

This library provides a complete foundation for implementing EEBUS use cases. The use cases define various functional scenarios for different device categories, e.g. energy management systems, charging stations, heat pumps, and more.

This contains:

  • Support for SHIP 1.0.1
  • Support for big parts of SPINE 1.1.1
  • (De-)serialization for EEBUS specific JSON format requirements
  • Certificate handling
  • mDNS Support, incl. avahi support (recommended)
  • Connection (websocket) handling, including reconnection and double connections
  • Support for handling pairing of devices

Basic understanding of the EEBUS concepts SHIP and SPINE to use this library is required. Please check the corresponding specifications on the EEBUS downloads website.

An open source SDK written in go providing the foundation to use EEBUS in your projects. Contains support for SHIP and SPINE communication.


EEBUS energy management use case implementation in Go

This library provides a foundation to implement energy management solutions using the eebus-go library. It is designed to be included either directly into go projects, or it will be able to run as a daemon for other systems interact with (to be implemented).

These EEBUS use cases are supported:

  • E-Mobility:

    • EVSE Commissioning and Configuration V1.0.1
    • EV Commissioning and Configuration V1.0.1
    • EV Charging Electricity Measurement V1.0.1
    • EV State Of Charge V1.0.0 RC1
    • Optimization of Self Consumption During EV Charging V1.0.1b
    • Overload Protection by EV Charging Current Curtailment V1.0.1b


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