Version 0.2 released

2023-04-11 (Andreas Linde)

Version 0.2 of eebus-go and cemd are now available.

# eebus-go

The main focus for this version was to fix known issues and improve test coverage. In addition the API was updated to improve its usability and allow for more use cases to be implemented more easily.

For more details check out the repository.

# cemd

In addition to improving support for existing use cases, additional use cases have been added. Most of them lack a known test device, so the implementation should be considered experimental for now.

Version 0.2 provides support for these use cases:

  • E-Mobility:

    • EVSE Commissioning and Configuration V1.0.1
    • EV Commissioning and Configuration V1.0.1
    • EV Charging Electricity Measurement V1.0.1
    • EV State Of Charge V1.0.0 RC1
    • Optimization of Self Consumption During EV Charging V1.0.1b
    • Overload Protection by EV Charging Current Curtailment V1.0.1b
    • Coordinated EV Charging V1.0.1
  • Grid:

    • Monitoring of Grid Connection Point V1.0.0 RC5
  • Inverter:

    • Visualization of Aggregated Battery Data 1.0.0 RC1
    • Visualization of Aggregated Photovoltaic Data 1.0.0 RC1

For more details check out the repository.

# contact

If you are interesting in joining the development of any of these libraries, want to use them in your services, need other services around EEBUS, please feel free to get in touch