Introducing Devices

2023-04-12 (Andreas Linde)

The EEBUS protocol has a large set of features, but not every device supports everything. And as a consequence not every EEBUS device can work with every other EEBUS device. Sadly this is not very transparent at the moment as most devices just mention EEBUS compatibility in general. This new Devices website and repository aim to improve this by providing a feature overview of the available EEBUS compatible devices and systems on the market.

# foundation

EEBUS compatible devices communicate their capabilities via two kind of messages:

  • NodeManagementUseCaseData: Containing the covered high level use cases and scenarios
  • NodeManagementDetailedDiscoveryData: Containing all a list and addresses of all entities, their features and functions

For two devices to work together, they need to support the same Use Cases and the same scenarios in compatible roles. Usually there is a HEMS on the one side and a heat pump or a wallbox on the other side of the communication channel.

The implementation of the various use cases and their scenarios are done using a defined set of entities, features and functions implementing a specific role (side) of each use case scenario.

Some older devices do not provide all the information listed and also implement specficiations that are not publicly available yet. This is mostly for older energy management sytems, heat pumps, washing machines and dryers.

# process

The repository contains the required EEBUS messages for this overview. To get these details, the data can either be provided by an existing EEBUS compatible system, if it provides access to this data.

Alternatively the eebus-go repository already provides everything that is needed. Download the source code and install golang for your system and follow the usage instructions.

This will print the whole communication into the console window. Now either provide the full output or extract the messages with the responses for the above mentioned message types and create a PR :)

# contact

If you are interesting in joining the development of any of these libraries, want to use them in your services, need other services around EEBUS, please feel free to get in touch